Engaging healthier consumers

MMA MarketLink develops healthier consumers by engaging employees through social networks, personal challenges, groups, and rewards. With MarketLink, individuals can design a program around their personal wellness goals, resulting in a more sustainable approach to wellness and creating more informed health consumers.

RewardsRewards: Participants enjoy reward points for every action and healthy choice they make. They can redeem the points for raffle tickets, local deals, or charitable donations.

challengesHealthy Competitions: Participants can join challenges and track their progress with easy to use tools.

TagFitness Deals: MarketLink provides access to discounts to local health clubs and personal trainers.

Chat-BubblesCommunity: MarketLink brings together a community of people focused on being healthier. Participants can connect with groups based on their interests, find health
partners, and join support groups.

Enhance your wellness strategy without adding administrative burden or cost

Whether your company is just getting started on a wellness program or is already up and running, MarketLink can help. MarketLink enables you to develop a long-term culture of wellness and health management without added cost or burden to your HR team. Through ongoing interaction and social networking, MarketLink can complement your existing wellness strategy and engage employees to be more aware health care consumers.