When you use MMA MarketLink, you’ll have the comfort of knowing your HR Team and your employees are interacting with a leading-edge, intuitively designed system. Check out some of our most recent enhancements and keep in touch with us to learn what’s in store for 2018 and beyond.

Evolving the Employee Experience

With the MarketLink 2.4 release, our goal was to provide a significantly improved user experience for employees through the entire benefits process. Highlights include:

Homepage Redesign

After a complete makeover, employees can now login to a personalized
homepage experience, calling attention to action they need to take, resources and tools that are most meaningful to them, and a new “Explore” menu so they can quickly navigate to what they’re searching for.

Greater Customization

Not only can employees access their enrollment or process a life event easily from their homepage, but we’re providing employers with more flexibility with expanded custom text that can be interchanged any time of year. You can easily call attention to the upcoming All Company Picnic or Free Flu Shots onsite!

Benefits Information 24/7

The enhanced “My Benefits” component displays the benefits in which the employee has enrolled and the total cost associated with them. It’s even easier to access and view detailed current and future year benefit information.

Overall Feature Development

Knowing how big of a decision an employee is making when they enroll in their benefits, we want to make sure the process is as simply as possible. We’ve made additional feature improvements to the Evidence of Insurability (EOI) process, uploading dependent verification documents and Voluntary Benefit plan design.

System Release Documentation

Review our documentation for detailed information on what’s new in each system release.

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