The MMA MarketLink 2.7 release has arrived! This upgrade focuses on enhancing our clients’ employees’ experience and security within the system. Take a look through our highlights below or contact us for a demo of the new release!

Multi-Factor Authentication for Enhanced Security

We simplified the Multi-Factor Authentication login process through the addition of several new features. Now, it’s easier for employees to log into MMA MarketLink and we’re still providing the highest level of data protection.

  • Self-Registration: Employees can enter an email address or phone number to receive their verification code if they do not already have contact information on record.
  • Device Selection: Employees can choose their preferred method for receiving their verification code, including a phone call (new feature!), text message, or email.

  • Communication Options: Employees can update their contact information for receiving future authentication communications straight from their own profile page.
  • Skip/Require Multi-Factor Authentication: If your employees are accessing MMA MarketLink through your secure Single-Sign-On (SSO) system with its own Multi-Factor Authentication process, you can now disable the MFA process so employees won’t have to authenticate twice.

The “Shopping Cart” Experience

We introduced a new benefit selection experience option! You can now turn the benefit selection process into a virtual shopping trip by allowing your employees to “shop” for all of their benefit elections, and then “check out” at the end.

Enhanced User Experience

Employees will feel an improved experience with the following upgrades:

  • New visual indicators on the Enrollment and Benefits Summary pages to alert them of any outstanding actions in order to complete enrollment.
  • Single navigation menu for benefits pages.
  • Customized Life Event page that reflects the actions employees can take when enrolling due to a Qualified Life Event.
  • Access to additional plan information, such as plan details, coverage tier pricing, and provider websites.
  • Simple way to switch languages with the addition of a language selector in the site header.
  • Broadcast messaging for MMA MarketLink updates and news added to the login page.
  • Easy password reset process for locked accounts.
  • Refinement of information to the eSignature language, Spending Account display, homepage enrollment cards, and Plan Details.

System Release Documentation

Review our documentation for detailed information on what’s new in this system release.

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