Delivered in partnership with WebMD, MMA MarketLink’s wellbeing solution enables you to tailor your program strategy to help you meet your long-term goals and objectives. Our consultants work with you to evaluate factors such as your workplace environment, employee demographics, health utilization, and pharmacy usage, and help you select the MarketLink wellbeing program options that can have the most impact on your organization and your employees.

Drive Employee Engagement:

  • Motivate through rewards, social networks, incentives and competitions
  • Automate communications around wellbeing through mobile apps and device integration
  • Provide access to health information and videos
  • Promote a holistic approach that addresses physical, social, community, financial and career wellbeing

Create and Implement a Meaningful Strategy:

  • Empower employees through a defined contribution approach
  • Integrate population health management data within the context of your wellbeing investments
  • Offer employee coaching based on each employee’s profile, including weight management, tobacco cessation, and lifestyle
  • Integrate biometric screening services

Measure Success:

  • Utilize the MMA Wellbeing Reporting Portal to measure, track and report on program results
  • Offer incentives based on measureable results
  • Integrate data with third party vendors, including claims experience, to develop cost-mitigation strategies
  • Enable employees to maintain a personal health record to view results over time

One in five Americans rely on MarketLink’s wellbeing partner, WebMD for health and well-being solutions.* With multiple turnkey and buy-up options to choose from, your MMA representative will work with you to select the MarketLink wellbeing options that best help you meet your business objectives.

*(Source: 2017 WebMD Book of Business)